How To Download Kodi On The Firestick

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If you’re looking to stream movies and TV shows on your Firestick, Kodi is a great option. Here’s how to download Kodi on your Firestick in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Prepare Your Firestick

Before you can download Kodi, you need to make sure your Firestick is ready. Go to your Firestick’s settings and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to download and install apps that aren’t from the Amazon Appstore.

Step 2: Download the Downloader App

Next, you’ll need to download the Downloader app. This app allows you to download files from the internet onto your Firestick. You can find the Downloader app in the Amazon Appstore.

Step 3: Enter the Kodi Download URL

Once you’ve downloaded the Downloader app, open it and enter the URL for the Kodi download. The URL is and you can enter it using the on-screen keyboard.

Step 4: Download and Install Kodi

After entering the URL, click “Go” and the Downloader app will begin to download the Kodi installation file. Once the download is complete, click “Install” to install Kodi on your Firestick.

Step 5: Launch Kodi

After installing Kodi, you can launch it from your Firestick’s home screen. Simply select the Kodi app icon and you’ll be taken to the Kodi home screen.

Step 6: Configure Kodi

Before you start streaming content on Kodi, you’ll need to configure it. This includes adding your preferred add-ons and customizing settings like subtitles and playback options.

Step 7: Start Streaming

Once you’ve configured Kodi to your liking, you’re ready to start streaming. You can browse through the available add-ons and content to find what you want to watch.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application. It allows users to stream movies, TV shows, music, and other content from the internet.

Is Kodi legal?

Yes, Kodi is legal to use. However, some of the add-ons available for Kodi may provide access to copyrighted material. It is up to the user to ensure they are using Kodi and its add-ons in a legal manner.

Do I need a VPN to use Kodi?

While a VPN is not required to use Kodi, it is recommended. A VPN can protect your privacy and security while streaming content on Kodi, especially if you are accessing copyrighted material.

Can I use Kodi on other devices?

Yes, Kodi can be downloaded and used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How do I update Kodi on my Firestick?

To update Kodi on your Firestick, simply download and install the latest version of Kodi using the same process outlined in this article. Your settings and add-ons should transfer over to the new version.

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