How To Get Tnt On Firestick

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Are you a fan of TNT and want to watch it on your Firestick? Look no further! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get TNT on Firestick.

Step 1: Turn on Firestick

Make sure your Firestick is plugged into your TV and turned on. If you have not set up your Firestick yet, follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

Step 2: Go to Home Screen

From the home screen, navigate to the search icon and click on it.

Step 3: Search for TNT App

Type in “TNT” in the search bar and the TNT app should appear. Click on it.

Step 4: Download TNT App

Click on “Get” to download the TNT app. Wait for the app to download and install.

Step 5: Open TNT App

Once the app is installed, click on “Open” to launch the TNT app.

Step 6: Sign In

If you already have a TNT account, sign in. If not, create a new account.

Step 7: Start Watching TNT

Congratulations! You can now start watching TNT on your Firestick.


  • Q: Do I need a cable subscription to watch TNT on Firestick?
  • A: No, you can watch TNT on Firestick without a cable subscription by downloading the TNT app.
  • Q: Is the TNT app free?
  • A: Yes, the TNT app is free to download but you may need to sign in with a cable provider to access all content.
  • Q: Can I watch live TV on TNT app?
  • A: Yes, you can watch live TV on the TNT app if you sign in with a cable provider that offers TNT live streaming.
  • Q: Can I watch TNT on Firestick outside the US?
  • A: It depends on your location and the availability of the TNT app. Some countries may not have access to the TNT app.
  • Q: Can I download the TNT app on Firestick 4K?
  • A: Yes, you can download the TNT app on Firestick 4K as long as it is connected to the internet.

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